What Linux couldn’t do, Openstack just might in the Enterprise World!

What Linux couldn’t do, Openstack just might in the Enterprise World!

I have been closely following the growth and various stages of cloud computing services and strategies around Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

As I speak to different Industry experts and Information Systems Leads, two most critical factors that have been stopping Enterprises from completely embracing Cloud based solutions have been ‘Trust’ and ‘Security’.

As I dig deeper into the point of ‘Trust’, I see it is normally connected to having consistent, reliable and transparent solutions. Security on the other hand is seen at war with flexibility, both are not in sync, its just been a compromise – more security means less flexibility!!

So as more Enterprises choose various forms of clouds and cloud deployment, most of the time it is always a comprise and not an ideal solution that the CIOs would queue up for.

This is where I am convinced that Openstack will be a game changer. Openstack by design is meant to make it easier for different cloud applications (SAAS) to communicate and work with different cloud vendors (IAAS) – being the perfect interface layer – potentially making plug & play possible in the Cloud!


Openstack provides the CIOs with that unique option to choose the comforting hybrid solution – just the right mix of Private and Public cloud solutions. Tomorrow’s enterprises who value Security and Privacy can develop in-house customized applications on the Private cloud (Security + Flexibility) knowing very well that they don’t need to redesign their Cloud Infrastructure tailored to different vendors. Openstack by design is Open Source – means transparent(and with work that needs to be done on Reliability and Consistency).

That’s why I am excited about Openstack and it’s myriad opportunities to enable the right solutions for tomorrow’s Enterprises.